The basis for drawing up a financial horoscope is the analysis of 2 Houses in the natal chart.

2 The house in the horoscope is responsible for the welfare of the native, his property and relations with money.

Also, the 2nd House in the natal chart symbolizes talents and skills that a native can use to attract rustling bills into his life. Where there’s money, there’s work, right? Well, in most cases… if there are planets in the 2nd House, they indicate those areas of life in which the native can succeed.

The key associations with 2 Houses are money, comfort, satisfaction, material goods, property. Houses can be correlated with signs: 2 The house in astrology is associated with the sign of Taurus and its ruler Venus. As you remember, Taurus also gets high from everything material and earthly, and Venus herself is very much a material girl.

The sign 2 of the House and the planets in it also speak about how a person disposes of the acquired goods. Where he invests it, how quickly he spends it, and whether he even knows the value of money and material goods.

Of course, to find out the formula for your financial success, you need to consider the 2nd House in the context of the entire natal chart: the location of the steward, aspects to the 2nd House, aspects to the steward and much, much more. But, nevertheless, even basic knowledge will help you deal with your 2nd Home.

2 The house in the map for women and men

2 House in Pisces (Neptune in 2 House)

Pisces, as always, has dreams and fantasies. The way to enrich such people is visualization, languid sighs for money and luxury of life. This is what attracts money into their lives. Yes, yes, someone to work at the factory 40 hours a week, and someone to dream under a glass of red)))

But don’t be in a hurry to be envious, it’s not limited to dreams, there will still be nothing to eat without work. There should always be confusion in the wallet of such people. As soon as he begins to keep at least some kind of accounting – finita: money will disappear into nowhere, and their inflow will instantly stop. No order, no accounting habits. Only bohemian and creative mess)))

Charity and helping other people with money also helps to raise funds. Well, you can always turn to higher powers if you believe in such. They can help you too.

It is best for people with 2 Houses in Pisces to earn in the following niches: perfumery, high art and cinema, psychology, esotericism, clergy, work in mass media, as well as alcohol, pharmaceuticals and the oil sector. And it’s not about a profession here — for example, you can do sales at a distillery.

2 The house in Pisces for men

A peasant with Pisces or Neptune in the 2nd House should not be ashamed of the fact that he dreams more than he does. This is what will bring money into his life, which was never dreamed of by those who work all day long and forget about themselves completely.

He can earn money by trading, playing on the exchange rate of different currencies (the wider the range, the better), or he can engage in spiritual practices, VIP tourism or photography. The main thing is a deep belief that all this will bring him a lot of money.

This is the person who can really strive for high goals while sitting on the ocean… and reach them (and how did he get there at all?).

Do not rush to admire: dreams are not all that is worth doing in life. But they really help to increase the flow of money. The main thing is not to chastise yourself for high dreams and unattainable plans. They are quite achievable for you.

2 The house in Pisces for women

This is a girl who has only to sigh about a new handbag from Bottega — as it already appears in her wardrobe. How does she do it? Just visualizes his desires. This gives her motivation / manna from heaven / outside help / favorite job / rich husband.

Working for a girl with 2 Houses in Pisces is not exactly contraindicated, but again, it should not be work by the sweat of her brow, but something very sublime and spiritual. In extreme cases, it is highly paid (we recall the most monetary niches: oil, pharmaceuticals, television, etc.). It is better not to sort out 5/2 pieces of paper for $ 1.

And finally: visualize, be sure to visualize, and also be sure to visualize!

2 The house in Aquarius for women

This is an extraordinary girl who wanted to spit on stereotypes about money and earnings. She will be the last to go to some factory or office and look for alternative sources of income. The main thing for her is not to interfere with her doing her favorite things.

She may well go to the subway crossing to sing songs to the guitar, become a tattoo artist or blog about feminism on Instagram. Money is not an end in itself for her, she is more concerned with global problems related to the whole world, and not just with her.

He can also move into science if he decides to get an education, despite his rebellious spirit.

2 The house in Aquarius for men

Despises everything that is imposed on him by society. If his parents, hereditary lawyers, tell him to enter the law faculty, he will go to nuclear physics to spite them. And then he ‘ll come up with a new atomic bomb or something worse …

As a man of freedom, he also does not like money to some extent. In a relationship, this always becomes a cause for controversy (only if the wife herself does not hold the same views): why the hell don’t you earn, why do you stay at home, and so on. Aquarius man is only irritated, but no more than a mosquito bite. He knows that, sitting on a sagging sofa, he strives for a better life and makes plans to build a new future …

Of course, not all such Aquarians behave this way. Someone skillfully plays with investments, and someone works as an electrician at a nuclear power plant. But believe me, such an electrician will manage to insert his 5 cents at the factory.

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