3 The house in the natal chart is responsible for communications, immediate connections, travel, basic education and information.

This is our relationship with brothers and sisters, classmates, classmates, neighbors.

Everything related to the flow of information, letters, phone conversations, networking and training. Well, we must understand that in the last century letters were mostly paper and sent by Russian post, and today letters are mostly electronic. But in both cases, it’s still the same 3 House. By the way, correspondence and adding “friends” in social networks is also the 3rd House.

To better understand the themes of the 3rd House, remember Gemini — a sign that symbolically corresponds to it. The twins are still lovers of tongue-wagging and filling their brains with new fuel.

3 The house in the natal chart is responsible for logistics, travel and tourism. Business trips, the daily route home – work – home are also the topics of 3 Houses.

In the classics, it is often assumed that intellectual talents also go into this pile. But still, our talents are determined by personal planets and 1 House. And the sign and planets of the 3rd House show what qualities we should or are forced to show in situations of this House, including in what conditions we receive education.

3 The horoscope House shows how a person relates to learning new things, what exactly he should study, and how he shows himself in society. According to this sector, it can be concluded how he treats his environment: mentally, at ease, as a forced communication or as a way to someday benefit from them. Communication, networking and intelligence development are the key words of 3 Houses.

It all depends on what signs and planets you have gathered in this sector of the ecliptic. They influence the nature of your abilities, their distinctive features, the style of communication and attitude with friends.

If Aries in the 3rd House will study new books furiously and fluently, throwing the book he has read into the trash and starting a new one, then the sign of Virgo will indicate a focused approach and worship of details.

A good example of a brightly working 3 Houses is the main character of the series “Inventing Anna”. Building a chain of acquaintances, positioning yourself in social networks, thoughtful networking (with whom to chat on the phone, with whom to go to the fitness room, with whom to have dinner, etc.) and manipulating other people’s connections – all this is a talented use of the possibilities of 3 at Home.

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