Gemini Weekly Horoscope
Gemini Weekly Horoscope - 12/04/2023 - 12/10/2023

The level of vitality of the Twins this week will be enough to do a lot of things. If you distribute your free time correctly, you will be able to help someone close to you in parallel. Probably, dear Twins, you will have to behave in a philosophical or over-pedagogical way. Your words will not always reach the addressee unchanged. It is important to take this into account and correct it.

Instability in business is expected in the second half of the week. Long-term plans should be postponed to the next period. Start correcting the situation with minor or secondary tasks. Use the help of those who will offer participation and support more actively. This kind of partnership, in addition to practical results, will have a great effect on the mood in general.

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