What are the houses responsible for in the natal chart?

Surely you have already met with such a concept as “Home” in the horoscope. Let’s figure out what kind of animal it is and what it is eaten with))

Cats, on the channel you have already met with such a concept as “Home” in the horoscope. Let’s figure out what kind of animal it is and what it is eaten with))

The house in the Zodiac, like the zodiac sign, is a sector of the circle, and there are also 12 sectors of these. For those who are not strong in geometry, I explain: a sector is a piece of pizza with a vertex in the center. Unlike signs, houses are not equal to each other: one piece can be huge, and the other is very thin, for one bite.

The first house is located on the left side of the Zodiac, the next ones follow it counterclockwise. The top of the first house is the Ascendant, and the top of the seventh is the Descendant.
“Oh, I know that!” — you say. Yes, we have already considered these concepts, but we did not mention that these are also the tops of opposite houses.

But let’s leave the boring theory to astrologers. You are probably more interested in what houses mean to the average man in the street. At home, cats describe your life scenario. If we consider the horoscope without houses, then you will get a truncated version of it. In addition, your horoscope will be identical with those who were born with you on the same day. Do you understand that on your birthday, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars shone the same for everyone on earth?

In general, houses allow you to dig deeper into your horoscope, since their location depends on the place and exact time of your birth.

A house is a sector of the ecliptic that correlates with a certain sphere of human life. Health, career, relationships, money, children — all these areas will depend on which sign the cusp of a particular house fell into and which planets are in it. Mars always adds a certain flair of aggression, Venus — partnership, and so on. There may be several planets in the houses, or there may not be any. It all depends on your natal chart.

So that you can rummage through horoscopes and read people, like books, you need to know what the planets and signs in each house affect. This is what the next cycle of posts will be about. Open your natal chart and keep track of the matches! Be prepared to be surprised by the magical power of astrology, which will reveal all your skeletons in the closet. Or maybe you will learn something new about yourself, and your life will not be the same.

I remind you that 1 House is an ascendant. The ascendant is what you show the world. 1 the house is responsible for how others see you. In your soul, you can be a quiet and dreamy Fish, but if you have an ascendant in Aries, it means that people first of all see you as a fearless and beaten-down vivacious. Such is selyavi.

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